Completely changing your life in a matter of months? Easy! My transformations with Green Coffee

Hi, everyone! My name is Dipti, I’m 25 and my life is awesome. Unfortunately, it hasn’t always been like that. So, let me tell you my story and, hopefully, help somebody.

My misery

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I was a chubby baby and toddler. That’s quite good for little kids and only makes people around smile and slobber over you. Not so much when you grow older, though.

When puberty hit and I still was not losing my ‘roundness’, I started worrying about my body (together with my parents). No need to say that school was not a great experience for me – you know how cruel kids can be. Well, I was the target for constant mockery and even bullying. I was so stressed and strung up that I couldn’t focus on my studies. Food was my only comfort. Yes, I know that it couldn’t have possibly helped with my problem but only chocolates, nuts, and chips could make me feel a bit better. So, that’s what my teenage years were like.

Then I went to college. And nothing changed – I still had no friends, still was painfully shy and introvert. Of course, I wasn’t a child anymore and understood that something had to be done. That it was plain stupid to sit, eat, and just wait for my life to change.


My torture

So, I decided to act. By then my weight was almost 87 kg. Not a pretty picture, I know. Especially since my height is 1.62. Just like everybody else, I started my torture with diets. No more chocolates, biscuits, cookies, ice-cream, no more morsels. In other words, no more fun. I tried various diets, like

  1. 5:2 diet;
  2. Dukan diet;
  3. Paleo diet;
  4. New Atkins diet;
  5. Alkaline diet.
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The Benefits of Green Coffee

Yes, I’ve tried all of those. And though there was some result, it was not enough. I would lose 5-8 kilos while on a diet but then, when it was over, the weight came back. You see, it’s impossible to stick to diets all the time. At least, for me it was. It’s just depressing – you can’t eat what you want and, more than that, there are stupid lists of foods and their amount you have to follow. There’s no time for anything else – you think about food all the time. And when you think about food, you get hungry, right? It’s like catch-22!

Thus, at about the same time when I was trying out my third diet, I realised that it was not enough and I had to do some exercises too. I’m not a fan of sports to say the least. Besides, being overweight and trying to workout… These just don’t mix. Active training was out of question – I simply couldn’t do it, my body, my heart in particular, couldn’t bear it. What I could do was walking. I walked to classes and back home and went to parks at the week-ends. This was actually nice – fresh air, time to think, no food in the immediate vicinity.

But little to none weight-loss!

I was depressed. Really, it was time for me to get married and start my own family but, sure enough, nobody wanted me. Young men have to first like what they see and only then they can appreciate your character. Well, no one stayed for step two – my big belly, double chin and thick ankles scared all potential husbands away. My parents were desperate and I was too.


The last resort

This is how years were passing by and I was wasting my youth on the fight I couldn’t win. When all other options had been exhausted, I decided that there was nothing to lose anyway – I had to try weight-loss tablets or supplements or whatever. This was my last resort since no matter how much I wanted to be slim I knew that all those chemicals were extremely harmful for my health.

I conducted a very thorough search (even research) online, read heaps of information, feedback, opinions and recommendations. There’s so much of that all on the Internet it makes your head spin! One product stood out for me. It was Green Coffee. Why? That’s simple

  • It’s all natural – no harmful chemicals, just coffee beans extract;
  • It’s easy to take – one capsule before meals. No way you’ll get confused by the directions;
  • There are no dietary restrictions – eat what you want, it doesn’t matter;
  • It’s not expensive.

Taking into account all these pros I decided to try Green Coffee. I had nothing to lose and the product wouldn’t have done me any harm even if there wasn’t any positive effect.

My dream came true

Ordering Green Coffee was very easy. I went to the official site (didn’t want to buy some shady fake), filled out all the forms and started waiting for the package. The delivery only took several days (4 or 5, as I recall) and I paid upon receiving it (another pro – no need to pay in advance and your bank card info is safe).

Drinking the beverage was no hardship. I just made it twice a day and drank instead of my usual coffee. The taste is ok and the smell is even nice.


  • in the first week I lost 4 kilos;
  • in the second – 6;
  • in the third – 5.
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Green coffee grains

That was amazing! No diet had ever been that good for me! 15 kilos in just 3 weeks! I couldn’t believe it but the evidence was looking back at me from the mirror.

Of course, I continued drinking Green Coffee (nothing could have stopped me!) and my weight was gradually decreasing. In the end, I got to unbelievable 57 kilos. That’s right – 57!!! And that’s without awful diets and endless workouts. Well, I stopped eating everything around me – there’s just no craving. Maybe that’s another effect of Green Coffee or I just don’t need this type of consolation anymore – I don’t know. I also continue going for walks regularly – I like it and it makes me feel good.

Oh, and one more thing. Yesterday my father told me that there is a man who is interested in marrying me.

That’s how my life changed completely and (not so) easily.

Why am I writing all this? Because I want to help if I can. As it turns out, there’s no need in suffering and torturing yourself if you want to lose excess weight. All you need to do is drink Green Coffee regularly and be happy!


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